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What to Expect


The 2,000 square foot clinic in New York’s Upper West Side is a place for healing and movement. Hands-on work is an integral part of the process, done in a state of the art facility. And FlySpace features a dedicated floor space equipped for interactive physical therapy, strength training, and dance or other body movement. 


Flyspace is equipped with: 

  • Cupping 

  • Hypervolt percussive massager 

  • Cold compression sleeves

  • SenMoCor laser

  • Pilates reformer

  • Pilates Chair

  • Ballet barre and marley floor

  • Kettlebells and resistance bands

  • Foam rolling tools 

  • Turnout discs

Your Treatment

At FlySpace, we create individualized plans for all of our patients. Your first visit will begin with a thorough assessment in order to better understand what is driving your unique symptoms, which could originate with anything from how you run to the bus, to how you sit at your desk, to how the bones in your foot articulate. Whatever the cause, understanding your personal situation is critical to your treatment success.

From there, you will work one-on-one with our therapists in 45-minute sessions that incorporate manual therapy, progressive exercise, and movement education. You may also receive a home program that will be systematically progressed to assist with the speedy acquisition of the changes sought. The ultimate goal is the complete adoption of new, stronger, and healthier movement habits that support pain-free living.

Finally, we will communicate with your full health and wellness team – from medical doctors to personal trainers – to make sure your plan of care is seamless, cohesive, and designed to return you to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

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