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Kinesiology Taping

FlySpace is a physical therapy studio created by performing artists that rehabilitates clients for a pain-free life and teaches high-quality individualized movement tailored to each person’s performance situation.

What sets us apart?

1. We are performing artists, serving performing artists.

Dancers, vocal artists, ice skaters, athletes, and anyone who enjoys moving their body will find a home at FlySpace. We understand the tension between rehabbing an injury and the pull to return to the stage, ice, field, or studio. We will work in concert with your orthopedist, and dance company or instructor to ensure your care is efficient, thorough, and long-lasting.

2. We are a sanctuary for those wanting to heal—once and for all. 

Often, people come to us having dealt with chronic pain. In addition to rehabilitating the problem at hand, our space is equipped with a performance area to help diagnose the root of the body issue, so that we can create better movement patterns to avoid reinjury and protect your longevity.


3. Our goal is to get you out as quickly as possible.

We know that time spent away from the stage, studio, gym, field, track, or exercise class is tough. It is lost livelihood and mental well-being. Which is why our goal is to get you out as quickly as possible. Hands-on bodywork is supplemented by strength building and movement drills that you can do at home, so that we are solving the problem, now and in the long term. 


4. We care for the whole person.

Our goal is that your time at FlySpace will feel productive, informative, challenging, and fun. The pace of sessions will conform to what works for you. This is a shame-free space that allows for open and honest conversations. Over the years, we have developed a network of medical professionals whom we can refer you to, who have experience working with individuals like yourself. FlySpace is led by a desire to help clients appreciate their bodies and help them realize what they are capable of.

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