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You don't need to take our word for it!

"Marissa and all the staff at FlySpace are OUTSTANDING. As a professional ballet dancer returning from surgery she has helped me with both the manual and exercise aspects. We tailored an exercise program for the performances I had coming up, plus, she kept me on top of it and organized! Her manual adjustments are so specific and intentional which keeps our sessions effective and efficient."

– E. S.

"FlySpace is truly a gem in the performing arts and physical therapy worlds. The PTs are thorough, wonderful, intuitive, phenomenal physical therapists who helped me to recover from a foot injury... while simultaneously guiding me to become stronger and more confident/aware of body placement/habits. The physical therapy studio is such an inspiring space to heal and become stronger - the space is filled with natural light and an unmistakably positive, caring energy."

- D. D.

"I came to [FlySpace] after a lot of frustration regarding my lower left leg which is a huge problem as I make my living as a dancer. [They were] kind, knowledgeable, patient and most importantly [they] listened to me. I felt instant relief after my first session knowing I was in the right hands."​

– Tiffany Rea-Fisher

"From day 1, Marissa showed a keen eye with attention to every detail. Through our time together in my rehabilitation, she has been a continued source of encouragement and has a vault of exercises that will not only keep you stimulated, but challenge you for the best. She's a gold star therapist that should not be missed."​

– Glenn Allen Sims

Really exceptional care! I’ve been working with Ashley, she is clear, caring, professional and clearly knows her stuff. She takes a real interest in getting to know how my body works and finds the best ways to get me functioning optimally again. Very grateful to have found FlySpace!

- S. K. 

"Excellent in communicating, detailed in analysis and describing appropriate exercises targeted to my issues."​


– L.G.

"Marissa has such an incredible ability to diagnose and treat the problem. [She] does so with a vast knowledge of the body, an ability to adapt to the unique body in front of her, and care and patience."​

– Alex Gould

"In a short amount of time, I already feel better. I went from feeling like an old lady to being excited to work out. [Their] expertise and winning personality are good for the body and soul."​

– Lynn F.

"Words cannot fully describe how grateful I am for FlySpace. I have been to several physical therapists over the years and have never experienced a team that is so caring, so intuitive, and SO knowledgeable. Every time I walk through their doors I feel instantly taken care of and know that I am in the best possible hands. Their direction is clear, concise, and efficient. The results I have seen and felt over the last few months are astounding. I will only go to FlySpace for all of my PT needs in the future and will recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks, FlySpace!"

– A. P.

"I had just about had enough and lost all faith in physical therapy when I found Dr. Schaeffer. After going to 4 different physical therapists, all recommended by my doctors in NY, I had pretty much-lost hope that I would get the care I needed to recover from surgery and other injuries that had been bothering me for years. After my first session with Marissa, I knew this experience would be different. She has helped me to recovery significantly and I actually look forward to my sessions!"​

– Aria M.

"I have had three visits with Marissa so far and each time she has truly listened, examined, and thoughtfully provided care. She approaches the issue from multiple angles and checks for effects rather than blindly moving forward. It's been extremely easy to communicate with her as well! If you are a dancer she has all that additional knowledge too (she speaks our language)."​

– Leigh Schanfein

"Marissa analyzed my dance movements and my symptoms. She designed a program to strengthen my core. She also recommended sitting on an exercise ball instead of a hard office chair. The combined program has reduced by lower back pain, buttock muscle spasm and leg muscle spasms. I highly recommend her. She is very focused and knowledgeable. She was very patient and thorough in her explanations of what she thoughts was creating my pain."​

– P.M.

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