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strength + conditioning staff


Andrew Schaeffer


Andrew has been a fitness professional and certified strength and conditioning specialist for twelve years. As a coach, he specializes in strength training, Olympic weightlifting, and the roots of behavior change. He holds a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and has a particular interest in the role that systems such as culture, society, and mental wellness play in physical performance. He works with the general population, with performing artists from professional dancers to Broadway performers, as well as collegiate athletes. He believes that physical strength forms the foundation for all performance.


Antoine Simmons


Antoine has a been a fitness professional for thirteen years. He holds a master’s degree from Columbia University in Motor Learning and Control in addition to holding certifications in strength and conditioning, nutrition, corrective exercise, wave vibration training, and kettlebells. He has worked with collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes as well as Navy SEALS, television personalities, professional dancers, Broadway performers, and laypeople. His philosophy centers on the notion that peak performance is relative. It is not one size fits all. Instead, each person requires an approach that will meet their unique demands. Therefore, any peak performance regimen should reflect and cater to those individual demands.

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