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At FlySpace Physical Therapy, we treat and value everyone from performers to weekend warriors to busy parents to students and other hard-working New Yorkers! High quality movement is key to a pain-free life. This philosophy will drive your treatment plan.


At FlySpace Physical Therapy, we accept performing arts workers’ compensation cases. Otherwise, FlySpace is an out-of-network provider for all insurances. 

Please note that all initial evaluations are 60 minutes in length while follow-up appointments are 45 minutes.

Let's get you started!

  • The only insurance FlySpace Physical Therapy currently accepts is performing arts workers' compensation. Otherwise, FlySpace is an out of network provider.  

  • Do you have out of network benefits? If so, we'd be happy to send you a SuperBill so you can submit for reimbursement.

  • Click the book now button below to schedule your first session. To our professional performers: please be sure to inquire about our special rates!

Prior to your first session:

After you book your evaluation, you will be sent an email confirmation containing more information about your upcoming visit and an electronic intake form our booking site, IntakeQ. Please be sure to fill out your intake form at least 24 hours prior to your first visit. 


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getting started
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Are you a performer who has been side-lined by an injury? At FlySpace Physical Therapy, we accept workers’ compensation cases. We understand the tension between rehabbing an injury and the pull to return to the stage, ice, field, or studio. We will work in concert with your orthopedist, and dance company or instructor to ensure your care is efficient, thorough, and long-lasting. Our goal is to get you back to work as quickly as possible.

Session Details


All perform arts workers’ compensation initial evaluations are 60-minutes in length while follow-up sessions are 45-minutes. Please note you must have an open workers’ compensation claim and a script from a medical doctor to begin physical therapy.

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Workers' Comp

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